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About James Short

Topic: Building and leading high performance teams

James Short, has been assisting business owners build and lead high performance teams through his Leadership Advantage™ Program for the past ten years. What he consistently notices is that owners are usually doing most tasks themselves; trying to fix all the problems themselves; and the business is reliant on them - they really have a job.

The Leadership Advantage™ outlines the three key areas of creating high performance teams, which include: build, train and leverage. This system provides the owner with more time, further growth and scalability - all resulting in more profit. James takes owners on this journey to create and achieve their original goals and desires in owning their business.

James’ understanding of how to structure, inspire, lead and get results from their teams is empowering, from the self-employed looking to embark on their first team member, to global organisations with hundreds of staff.

He truly understands the fears and frustrations business owners face when looking to grow or expand their teams. From this understanding he can relate, connect and contribute massive value to business owners.

Are you ready to create your high performance team?